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1. Dining Gift Certificate!


Receive a *gift certificate and dine at restaurants in your *local area, as well as from over 18,000 restaurants throughout the United States.

  • Share your thoughts on 2 dental equipment products and receive a $50 gift certificate!
  • Do 3 equipment reviews and receive a $100 gift certificate!




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      Use your gift certificate for thousands of products and books at Amazon! This is a great gift to say "Thanks" to one of your Team members. 

  • Submit 2 equipment reviews and recieve a $10 gift certificate!
  • Do 3 equipment reviews and we will send you a $20 gift certificate!



The Next Steps:

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  2. Click Share Your Opinion on our home page. Use the Equipment Look-up tool to find your equipment products. Submit two or more reviews on the same day for dental equipment products that are listed on The Dentists’ Voice. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete a review.
  3. Once the reviews are posted, you will receive an email acknowledging that you qualify for the gift, and will be asked which gift you prefer.
  4. Simply reply with your choice of gifts:
  • Gift Certificate
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 Notes and restrictions:

  • To qualify for the or gift certificate you must submit the reviews on the same day.
  • The reviews must be for dental equipment products that are currently listed on The Dentists’ Voice.
  • Only reviews verified to be a from a dentist, hygienist, or employee of a dental office in the U.S. or Canada who uses the product are accepted. Your reviews will appear once verification is  complete, typically within 24 hours.
  • Offer is available for  a limited time, and may end without notice.

* gift certificate can be used at participating restaurants in the U.S.. No restaurants in Canada are participating at this time.   Minimum restaurant purchase of 1.5x the face value of the certificate requirement (examples: a minimum restaurant purchase would be $75 to use a $50 Gift denomination, or a $15 purchase to use a $10 gift denomination).




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