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Have you ever wondered how that dental unit, chair, or X-Ray system that you are considering really works in the dental office? What can you expect if you purchase it? Will it perform as you hope it will? Will it be reliable? How will patients react? And can your team learn how to use it as it is designed?

Information that you get from your dental equipment distributor is tremendously valuable and helpful, but with the number of products available these days, they often have limited experience with many of the product alternatives.  The manufacturer’s representatives have a lot of knowledge of their own products and the product information that they provide is often extremely useful, but they may have little or no experience with competing products.

Getting “real world” feedback from your peers is invaluable when making critical purchase choices. Purchasing dental equipment is a major investment in both money and time. Choosing the wrong product may mean replacement sooner than you expect, additional repair costs, and reduced production from “down time” and lost efficiency. When it comes time to buy dental equipment, make sure that you make an informed choice.

Here are five key reasons to use The Dentists’ Voice:

1. Submit reviews to document your experience with equipment products, equipment distributors, dental office designers and contractors. This is what the “Voice” is all about, sharing your experiences with your peers. Other dentists need to hear about your experiences to help them with purchase decisions.  Just as important, product manufacturers and service providers really need to get the feedback on  their products and services so they can improve.  When you share your thoughts, EVERYONE wins!  Completing a review could not be any simpler, and only takes a few minutes.  Since we don’t allow reviews from anonymous sources, you must be a dentist, a hygienist or an employee of a dental office, and must register for a Basic Membership to submit a review. Basic Membership is free. We confirm the source of the review before posting on the site to assure that it is credible and reliable.

The Basics: To submit a review, simply click on the “Share Your Opinion” button on the home page to find the equipment product, or the distributor, dental office office designer or contractor that serves your area. You will also find a “Submit a Review” button on each product and service provider page . 

2. Read reviews written by dentists on dental equipment products and services. The Dentists’ Voice is your source of credible, real world experience with the products and services that you are considering. We don’t accept anonymous reviews. The source of the review is checked so you can be confident that you are getting information directly from your peers. Using this information in conjunction with the recommendations from your equipment distributor will help you make a purchase choice that will give you a predictable and successful result!  You must be a Premier Member to read the reviews .  See the membership program for more details.

The Basics: Look up the product or service provider using the “INFO AND REVIEWS” tool on the Home page (as described in item 1, above). If there are reviews written on the product or service provider, it will be noted here. Click on the review to read it.

3. Be alerted to important promotions on the specific products that you are considering.  You may find a dental equipment product that you want to buy, but it is not critical that you purchase it immediately. Wouldn’t it be great to be alerted when the product goes on sale?  No problem! Simply select the promotion alert on the product and when promotion hits, we will let you know!  This service alone can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the purchases that are not time critical. The promotion alert feature is a Premier Membership benefit. See the membership program for more details.

The Basics: Find the product using the “Find a Review” tool on the Home page (as described in item 1 above ). Click on Promo Alert on the product page to be alerted to future promotions on this product. You can manage your Promo Alerts in the “My Voice” account management tool.

4. Finding and comparing dental equipment products. The Dentists’ Voice has an extensive listing of dental equipment products covering over 130 categories and sub-categories.  Our focus is solely on dental equipment and equipment related services. Anyone visiting The Dentists’ Voice can see the product listings and compare products. You can see and compare product features and benefits side by side. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is also listed for most products. 

The Basics: Find products by starting on the left side of the Home page, “INFO & REVIEWS”. Use the "Search for Products" tool to find products, or just move your mouse over “Products by Category” and you will see a listing of categories of equipment products. Move your mouse over a category and you will see a listing of sub-categories to pick from. You will see the number of products and product reviews for each sub-category on this page as well. Now click on the sub category to see the product listings. If you are looking for products from a specific manufacturer, you can start with the “Products by Manufacturer” on the INFO & REVIEWS tool. Hovering your mouse over this area will display a list of manufacturers. Click on the manufacturer’s name and you will see a list of categories and sub-categories that the manufacturer offers.  Now simply check the box above the products that you are interested in and click “Compare”.

5. Get contact information on major dental equipment suppliers, dental office designers and contractors. You will find important information on dental equipment distributors, dental office designers and contractors who serve your local area.  These companies cannot pay to be listed on the The Dentists’ Voice.  Distributors are listed if they meet specific product distribution requirements and the designers and contractors are listed if they are recommended by distributors and/or by dentists and pass vetting criteria. Since the listings that you will see are filtered regionally, you must be a Basic or Premier Member to view these listings. 

The Basics: Find these businesses by starting on the left side of the Home Page, “INFO & REVIEWS” and hover your mouse over the “Distributors”, “Office Designers”, or “Construction Contractors” button.

More features are being added all of the time to The Dentists’ Voice so stay tuned. More good stuff is on the way!

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