Manufacturer: DEXIS, LLC
Model: PLU790/HSI114-2579
Website: Click Here
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As a leading provider of digital diagnostic imaging solutions, DEXIS® is pleased to offer DEXcam 3, a direct-USB intra-oral video camera that supports clinical diagnostics as well as providing an excellent tool for patient education and communication. DEXcam 3 features a seven-element glass optical lens, four bright LEDs and an internal prism that provide optimal lighting and a Sony® CCD sensor for sharp, high-definition image quality. Camera controls are conveniently located on the lightweight handpiece. Freeze images with a simple press of a button, then save the image into the patient record with a two-second press. High quality imaging: Live video display with freeze and capture capabilities, Precision-ground glass optics virtually eliminate image distortion, Slide switch focus mechanism allows viewing both intra-oral images (capture up to three teeth) and extra-oral images (smile, arch, and portrait) without a lens change, State-of-the-art 4-LED lighting system