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This is where you will find product information and reviews on cabinet products for the treatment rooms, instrument processing area and lab. There are sub-categories that filter the product listings by the location of the cabinets in the dental office to aid with your search. More than just wood and plastic laminate, a well designed and constructed cabinet can help you and your team be much more efficient and present a high quality and professional image to your patients. In the operatory, cabinets can provide a platform for mounting the handpiece delivery and intraoral X-ray systems, are used for storage of ancillary equipment and materials, and provide work surfaces for the dentist, assistant and hygienist in right places to improve efficiency and comfort. In the instrument processing area, the well designed SteriCenter cabinet dramatically increases efficiency of instrument cleaning and sterilization processing, and provide a place instrument and materials storage.

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Lab bench / cabinet

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Stericenter cabinet

13 products | 0 promotions


Treatment room, 12 O'Clock cabinet

45 products | 0 promotions

Treatment room, Center Island cabinet

17 products | 0 promotions


Treatment room, Mobile cabinet

19 products | 0 promotions


Treatment room, Side cabinet

39 products | 0 promotions


41 products | 0 promotions

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