The Dentists’ Voice was developed by David Anderson, the President of Voice Market Research, LLC.  Over the past thirty years, Dave has worked with one of the largest distributors of dental equipment in the United States in sales, sales management, marketing and office design service roles. He also worked with one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers for a number of years. In these capacities, Dave has worked closely with dentists and has an understanding and appreciation for the challenges that you are faced with when making dental equipment purchase decisions.
Dental equipment product offerings and alternatives have expanded exponentially over the years. On one hand, this is a good thing since you now have a much broader selection of products to choose from. On the other hand, it can make the decision process more confusing and frustrating. Dave recognizes that a key way to reduce the stress is to get informed about the products and how they really work in the dental office.

Our goal at The Dentists’ Voice is to provide dental equipment product and services information that will help you select the right product and service that will exceed your expectations.  One important source of information is the reviews of products and service from doctors just like you!  We believe that you will find that using this information, together with the recommendations, insight and experience from your dental equipment distributor, will help you make the best choices.

The Dentists’ Voice is a subscriber supported service, not funded by product advertising. This is just one way that you can be assured that the information that you receive is unbiased and credible.

Thank you for your support and allowing us to be of service to you!


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